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Nordic Open


to the Nordic Open 

An IDO-Approved Disco Competition in Duveholmshallen Katrineholm, Sweden, organized by
Knut Säborg and Knut Säborg Dansstudio.

Click here for invitation and further information 

If any transportation is needed, please contact Knut Säborg before 1st of December:

Travels and Accommodation

Contact Chris
Phone: 0702587098

He will be happy to help you book hotels and travels to the Arena. 


All Swedish registrations are to be made through
International dancers see information below


Starting Fee
 Knut Säborg Dansstudio
Account owner: Knut Saeborg
IBAN: To be announced

Click here to see the invitation and further information

Live Stream

Live stream will be available here through the whole event

Time Schedule

To be announced